Distillation Classes

Learn Short Path Distillation

We offer Certification/Credentials to those who successfully attend the class stating their proficiency in Laboratory Safety and the Techniques imparted therein, duly signed by the Chief Science Officer of ACT. Records are kept accordingly if the need for verification arises. A discount on ACT Glassware is extended to all class attendees.









Topics Available for Consultations Include:

Advanced topics that we can teach you in private lessons (At your facility or ours)

  • Biomass extraction methods review-Select the best biomass processing for your clients/end product usage.
  • Rotary Evaporator selection, usage, and optimization.
  • Other solvent removal systems.
  • CBD Isolation/Crystallization.
  • Laboratory Design/Layout and equipment selection- don’t buy what you don’t need!
  • Pesticide/Fungicide/Heavy Metal removal and remediation.
  • Testing/COA analysis and breakdown.
  • Wiped film/Rolled film/Spinning band selection, assembly, operation and optimization.
  • THC removal/remediation at different stages of extraction utilizing different methodologies and equipment.
  • Different types of chromatography and their uses.
  • “CRC” or enhancing extract clarity/potency.
  • Terpene recovery from distillation/extraction.
  • In House analytics/testing
  • Finished product formulation-From tinctures to topicals and everything in between.
  • USDA/FDA/DEA/Farm Bill compliance- Are you operating legally? Are you properly licensed? Can you legally write contracts for processing/selling hemp or its derivatives? Can you ship interstate?
  • Supply Chain/Logistics- Get the supplies you need and get your product to your clients efficiently and effectively.

Topics Covered Include: 

  • Laboratory Safety and Overview of Terminology
  • Proper Setup and Operation of Glassware and Ancillary Devices
  • Dewaxing/Winterization/Decarboxylation (full process)
  • Taking Precise Fractions
  • A Complete 1st Pass on the ACT Short Path UTILIZING ACTUAL CBD Crude Oil and Going All the Way to a Finished Product
  • Efficient Methods of Data Logging- NEVER STOP LEARNING!
  • Proper Shutdown of the System -post distillation

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All of our classes are taught at Precision Glassblowing of Colorado, in Centennial CO. This is the same compound where our Laboratory glassware, including the ACT short path system, is manufactured. Precision Glassblowing has been an industry leader for over 38 years.

With nearly 30 glassblowers on staff with a combined glassblowing experience of over 400 years, there isn’t a job too big or too small. With classes located here as well, getting new or custom parts for extraction or short path has never been easier or more convenient.

Who knows, you may get inspired to order that custom glass part for your particular style of extraction that you have always wanted!