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The Patent pending ACT short path head is unique among a sea of similarity. Our head is based off of SCIENCE- a modified Oldershaw column, to be exact. No other hardware offers the ability for TRUE fractionation. We have incorporated one or more Oldershaw-style condenser plates into the head for separation power that can’t be beat! And did I mention speed? The ACT head is the fastest on the market, with the best first pass results to back it up. But don’t worry, this head is also the easiest to use, with wook-proof features that will ensure only the best material makes it into your collection flask! Proudly made in America by Precision Glassblowing of Colorado

The secret weapon-ACT patent pending structured packing. Every Chemist knows that a distillation column is MUCH more effective packed than empty, and Vigreux are no substitute(They only provide 1/3 of a theoretical plate at best!) Our structured packing is engineered for Cannabis, NOT Petroleum. By providing multiple condensation/evaporation surfaces, the vapor phase is enriched significantly before it reaches the final condenser. The rejected compounds are allowed to run back into the boiling flask. Warm EtOH extraction welcome!

More than “just” a Distillation Head

Have you ever seen a Cold Trap like this??? It is common knowledge in our Industry that “off the shelf” Cold Traps are not adequate for the Laboratory work we do. Sadly, daisy-chaining 2 or more Traps together is never the preferred method. Again basing our approach off of SCIENCE, we brought together ALL of the relevant technology including a double jacketed vacuum insulation, THICK GLASS, Real SILVER(Ag) employed as a thermo-insulator, and a laminar flow inducing cold finger coil in the vapor path. Our -50C immersion chiller regularly achieves -70C within the hour, under load.

How much do you spend on Vacuum pump oil? How about that smell? Our cannabis engineered Molecular sieve bead component will save your nose and wallet! By engineering the proper application of scientifically tested molecular sieve beads by our trusted partners Carbon Chemistry, we are able to ADSORB the pump oil fouling, odoriferous compounds that are able to make it past the coldest of traps. The beads are rechargeable as well to put more $$$ in YOUR pocket! SCIENCE!

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